Preorder Envavo Heatbuff

Infrared No-burn technology

Our infrared technology makes your hands stay warm without the product or your keyboard becoming hot. You can't burn your hands on the product!


Increase your performance

No more freezing or cold hands will help you type faster, be more consistent or react faster when playing video games or working.

Accurate temperatures

You will only feel the heat if your hands are already cold. Our infrared technology helps keeping your hands at a perfect room temperature.


Try the 360 model

Check out the product from all angles, by dragging it on the left hand side.

But wait! There's more..

Way more comfortable

The Heatbuff will make those long sessions in front of the desktop computer a lot more comfortable.

Slick design

The product fits just below or infront of your monitor. You will not lose any sight of the monitor, when using the Heatbuff.

Great pricing

We priced our product so that everyone can keep up. There's no excuse to have cold hands anymore.

Skærmbillede 2017-04-10 kl. 09.19.09

Envavo Heatbuff PREORDER


This is a preorder of the Envavo Heatbuff. The expected shipping is December 2017.


  • Infrared no-burn technology (the product remains cold while your hands are warm!)
  • Customizable angles – the product fits perfectly for anyone, no matter how you sit at your computer
  • Higher performance with warm hands
  • Play and work more comfortably with warmer hands
  • Slick design