Envavo Heatbuff

Envavo Heatbuff

No More Cold Hands During Desktop Usage

No More Cold Hands During Desktop Usage

✓ Improved natural blood flow through infrared waves
✓ Comfort beyond anything you have tried before

✓ Improved natural blood flow through infrared waves
✓ Comfort beyond anything you have tried before


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Keyboard Heater for Office Workers

Envavo's keyboard heater helps you as an office worker or person with Arthritis have a better everyday life. We help you keep your hands warm during office hours, or at home. We strive to innovate the comfort of your workspace, making your day at work or at home more enjoyable.

The Heatbuff

Our product the Heatbuff uses infrared waves, which increases the natural blood flow. We designed the keyboard heater to stay touchable while keeping your hands warm. The product has two rotatable heads, so no matter how you sit at your desktop computer your hands will remain warm.

Crowdfunded on Kickstarter

During March 2017 Envavo launched a Kickstarter-campaign to secure funding for the project. This resulted in a total of $50,000 collected through the course of a month. Over 200 international media outlets wrote about the Heatbuff and our project and the keyboard heater was picked up by many blogs around the world. During our Kickstarter-campaign, we gathered a following from people all over the world. This has helped us tremendously through our development, where we've been in close contact with our community.

Outstanding Danish Product Quality

We are a Danish company. We believe our products will be of the best possible quality if we are close to the production.  That is why we design and manufacture in Denmark, using world-class components. The keyboard hand heater is developed over the course of two years of intensive work. With constant feedback from our community, we believe we can build outstanding products, of the highest quality and innovation.

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