Heatbuff - No more cold hands

while gaming, drawing, working, typing or anything else at your computer with the Envavo Heatbuff.

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Our dream

Envavo makes gamers perform better, employees happier at work, and patients with arthritis or raynaud's syndrome have a more comfortable life. The Envavo Heatbuff is designed, build and assembled in Denmark. Our dream is to help the millions of people who suffer from cold hands while gaming or working at their computer.

After speaking to professional players, regular gaming enthusiasts and other people who suffered from cold hands while gaming or working, we fully understood the need for The Heatbuff. We are constantly working on improving our product, so that it can serve the needs of our community. Gaming is not just a hobby anymore, it's a passion for many people. Every day gamers around the world strive to become better, aim better and react faster. We want you to perform at your highest level by eliminating cold hands during gaming sessions.

Cold hands while gaming

Studies have shown that cold hands while gaming decreases your reaction time. We first experienced cold hands during computer usage, while playing CS:GO a cold winter in Denmark. That's what got us started on eliminating the issue. We later found out millions of people suffered from cold hands during computer usage - both while gaming and while working. Our mission is to help all of these people have a more enjoyable life, and help the esports atheletes and gamers around the world perform better, by using the Envavo Heatbuff.

Our product is the only gaming related accessory that can effectively make you perform better while gaming. If you have cold hands while gaming, you won't play at your best level. Our dream is to eliminate this issue. You can read more about who we are, and why we are doing this on our about us page. If you wish to contact us regarding our product, business opportunities or anything alike, you can do that on our contact page.

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