Avoiding Problem Gaming

Here at Envavo.com, we honor our responsibility to avoid contributing to problem gaming. Responsible gaming is a principle for gaming providers to follow to reduce the adverse effects gambling might have on some of its customers. This is especially important at Envavo.com, as we value our reader’s needs and safety above all else.

This guide will focus on how you can help yourself prevent gaming problems. We have created it with help from Helpguide.org to make sure you get the best advice.

The Signs of Problem Gaming

To learn how to avoid something, you need to know what you are trying to avoid. Below is a shortlist of the most common signs of problem gaming. If you want to know all the signs, you should read our article on identifying problem gaming.

  • Spending more time on gambling than what was the plan
  • Having an urge to win back losses
  • Thinking about gaming, even when doing other things
  • Feeling the need to lie about gambling activities

The Best Techniques To Limit Your Gaming

Now that we know the signs of problem gaming, it is time to learn how to avoid them. The best way to do this is by limiting your time gambling and engaging in other activities when not playing games.

For instance, you could read a good book, exercise more, or even cook something together with your partner. The possibilities are endless, and that is why we wrote the article on how to fill your time when not gaming.

By engaging in other activities than gambling, you will also decrease the amount of money you lose in a month. Furthermore, you will not ruin your professional and private relationships by neglecting them.

Activate Time Limits

Every MGA licensed online gambling site offers a tool to limit the time of your gaming sessions. You can set these to a custom limit suitable to your needs.

The standard time limit is one hour. We suggest using this default time limit unless you have had specific problems with it in the past.

Set A Loss Limit

You can set a loss limit to sessions and time frames. This will allow you to limit the amount of money you can spend in one session, day, week, or month.

Enabling loss limits is especially useful when it comes to high rollers who like to play games with much higher stakes than normal players. Since these players often win much more money than other people, they also stand a higher chance of losing more.

How To Stop Gambling Altogether

The biggest step to overcoming a gambling addiction is realizing that you have a problem in the first place. You can then work towards eliminating problem gambling from your life.

However, this is often very hard to do. We suggest you find a support group and talk with people who understand what it feels like to have a compulsive disorder where you want to gamble more than you should.

You can also call the Canada Safety Council helpline to seek advice. You find the contact details in the footer section of this page.