Reaction Time For Gamers: The Ultimate Guide

Your Reaction Time plays a huge role in any esports. You know how it feels… You’re facing your opponent in an AWP 1 vs. 1 showdown. He clicks 0.0042 seconds faster than you, and BOOM.

You’re dead.

If only you were just a tiny bit faster, you would have had him! You had him right there. Right on the crosshair – 100%, no doubt about it (right?!).

Now.. we’re going to talk about reaction time in gaming. As stated, it’s one of the most important factors for success in esports. We’re going to give you all of our best tips on how to improve your reaction time. As long-time gamers, followers of esports and Mads being a former professional esports athlete, we believe we have some good tips and tricks for you to improve.

After all – reaction time is what our product does best, in many ways.

Let’s get to it! The ULTIMATE GUIDE for improving your reaction time.

Pro tip #1 – Concentrated practice

If you’re serious about improving your reaction time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for instance, it’s a great idea to spend 30-60 minutes a day on reaction time alone. There are many factors to being a great player; tactics, reflexes, strategy, precision, mentality, and so on. Reaction time is one of these pillars of success.

A great tip is to spend some concentrated time on reaction time only. There are websites like Human Benchmark where you can test your reaction time, as well as there are great maps in CS:GO where you can do this. Normally when you play a game of League of Legends, CS:GO, or whatever you play, you use your reaction time, but you don’t concentrate on improving it – you just play! Now take 30 minutes a day and start doing this consistently, and you will see improves over the course of weeks.

Pro tip #2 – Precision VS reaction time

One thing many forget is that reaction time is not the only thing that makes a player fast and great. You have to be precise while being fast. The two go hand-in-hand in Counter-Strike, and you really need both to be a top-tier player (obviously… duhh).

I absolutely love this map in CS:GO, and I have been using it to both increase reaction time and precision, for as long as I can remember. It utilizes both your precision and reaction time at the same time.

Pro tip #3 – Warm hands VS cold hands!

As we’ve covered before you react up to 6-8% faster with hands around 32-33°C, compared to hands that are colder (below 30°C). Once your hands drop just a little because of the adrenaline, that your body produces, your reaction time drops dramatically.

This can essentially be crucial to your success if you’re in a clutch situation. We have covered how to keep your hands warm earlier here on the blog.

We want to show you our product, which is probably the best on the market since your hands will be warm at all times (not just when you’re dead, and thus can keep them warm by holding a cup of coffee, rubbing them together or alike).


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