Envavo Heatbuff

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The expected shipping is February 2019.

When pre-ordering, the money will only be deducted once we ship the physical product to your address.


The Heatbuff Features

    • Safe to use in front of a keyboard & mouse, due to our special grill
    • Increased natural blood flow
    • Customizable angles – the product fits perfectly for anyone, no matter how you sit at your computer
    • Natural White LED-bar for light in the dark
    • Increased comfort & performance during office hours
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When pre-ordering, the money will only be deducted once we ship the physical product to your address.


Increases your natural blood flow

The Envavo Heatbuff is build to keep your hands comfortable at work. The product is safe to use while achieving warm hands, by using harmless infrared waves. The Product is low wattage and sits between your monitor and keyboard.


Customizable Angles

The Heatbuff has a customizable angle, which makes it possible to keep both hands warm at the same time, no matter how you sit at your desktop computer. During the entire development process, we have been in close contact with our community and constantly receiving feedback to ensure our product will be the best possible version when we ship it to you.


Designed & Manufactured in Denmark

The product is designed and manufactured in Denmark, using high-quality components, to ensure a long lifetime. We have specifically chosen infrared waves in the mid-range spectrum, because of it’s ability to increase the natural blood flow. We believe this is the best way to keep your hands warm for office workers, and people with Raynaud’s or Arthritis.


See Your Keyboard in the Dark!

The Heatbuff comes with a natural light LED strip, for a slick look as well as the ability to see your keyboard during night-sessions.


The Heatbuff is Tested on Gamers, Office Workers and People With Arthritis

They all see a great increase in blood flow, warmth, and comfort during computer usage.


Preorder now to keep your hands warm and be more comfortable & perform better

Additional information


  0.7 kg


  30cm x 10cm x 8cm




  Both 120v and 230v

Power Outlet

  Comes with adapters for US, UK and EU.

Bulb lifetime

  5000 hours (same as any other infrared heater)

LED Color

Crimson Red, Emerald Green, Icy Blue, Clear White


  1. When will I receive my Heatbuff?
    We expect to ship products to both US, EU and rest of the world by July 2018.
  2. Will the money be deducted from my account if I order now?
    No. We will deduct the money when we ship the product to you.
  3. Are infrared waves harmful to my skin / fingers?
    No. Every study we have been able to find says it’s completely harmless.
  4. Can I burn my hands on the Heatbuff, like on every other infrared heater?
    No. The product is fully touchable while in use.
  5. How do you make sure both of my hands are warm?
    We do this by using a customizable angle on the right “head”. It turns, so no matter how you sit, your hands will be warm.
  6. Will the Heatbuff come with adapters for US/EU?
    Yes. We will include adapters for your specific country.
  7. How many watts does the Heatbuff use?
    We expect 50 watts.
  8. Will it burn / melt my keyboard or mouse?
  9. Does it draw power from USB or regular power outlet?
    Regular power outlet.