Envavo Heatbuff

Our vision is to make office workers and people
with Arthritis happier and more comfortable.

The Envavo Heatbuff makes this vision come true.

"Heatbuff - a revolutionary infrared heater"

"This could be the 'hot' new product to give pro gamers an edge in the cold"

"Us bloggers could use a finger space heater, too. Don't forget about the bloggers. Please."

"A comforting warmth that's basically an invisible hug for your hands"

"What is the future of gaming and workstations? I won't keep you in suspense: it's warm hands"

"The Heatbuff heater gently warms your hands without melting your keyboard"


The customizable angles make sure that you
can use the Heatbuff, no matter how you
sit at your desktop computer.


Our infrared technology ensures warm
hands, while keeping the product safe to use
in front of a mouse & keyboard.

The specially designed infrared waves, are made to increase your blood flow and warm your hands quickly.

Studies show an increase in warmth and bloodflow up to 30 minutes after usage.

The Heatbuff warms your hands from 23°C to an optimal 33°C
almost twice as fast (2:46 minutes VS 5:00 minutes).

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