February Update (with pictures!)

Tuesday we started assembly, and we want to show you some pictures and videos of the final product as well as how things are going. We’re super excited to finally be at this stage of our journey and we are happy that you gave us the opportunity to pursue this dream. 

We cannot wait to ship these products out to you guys, which is probably going to be somewhere around early March.

Here are some pictures!

First Envavo Heatbuffs
First Envavo Heatbuffs
Footstands ready to be assembled
Footstands ready to be assembled
First 40 Envavo Heatbuffs made
First 40 Envavo Heatbuffs made

Delivery date

We expect to deliver by early March. We are getting up to speed and the assembly process is becoming faster and faster. If you have any changes to your address (after the survey) please send an email to emil@envavo.com and we will change it before shipping.

Final words

As this might be the final update before you receive your products we want to take a few seconds to just say thank you. We know we are late, and we know it’s been longer than anyone expected. This is our baby, it’s what we have been working hard on every single day for two and a half years to make a reality. This project truly became more to us than just delivering products of high quality that would make your lifes just a little better. It has become so much more – we have learned tons of things about development, production, and everything that comes with starting up a company. It became an achievement that many did not believe we would accomplish but yet here we are, soon at the end of the road, and we are filled with joy just thinking about that we can soon deliver to each and everyone of you.

None of this could have happened without you and your belief in our product when we launched on Kickstarter and pre-orders here on our website!

Thanks guys!!

Best wishes,

Mads & Emil, Envavo

January Update

It’s time for an update, one that has been requested a lot in the past days so we are excited to share this month’s update with you all!

The reason we have been waiting a bit with the update was because we had a meeting with our plastics supplier and we went to confirm the final plastic parts, which is the biggest part about finishing up production.


We have received everything from our suppliers from all over the world, and everything is now in Denmark ready to be assembled. This includes all electrical and non electrical parts, metals and everything. We’re super satisfied with the high quality of all the components and we now see that the hard work leading up to choosing the right partners has been worth it. We would not have a product of such high standards if it wasn’t for all the work that went into choosing the right production partners and suppliers.

What we are working on right now

The only thing we are currently waiting for is the final accept on the injection molds. We visited our plastics supplier this Saturday and everything was looking really sharp and he informed us that once he receives the injection molds from the mold supplier he will get the plastics to look even better, which is hard to believe because it already looks great.

All we need now is one final detail that he informed us will take around 45 minutes to change for the mold supplier, and then we can have the injection molds shipped to Denmark where we will produce the plastics. We expect this process (including shipping) to take 14 days and then we will produce the plastics which will take 1 day. Once this has concluded we are ready to assemble the first batch.

Images of the plastics & time-line

Below are some images of the plastics as they look right now, ready to be assembled.

These pictures are obviously of non assembled plastic bodies, without what’s inside. This was just to showcase the actual plastics and the high quality that it is made of. This is by far the final step before assembly, and we believe we have found the right partner to do this job properly so the quality remains extraordinary.


We have prepared for assembly while production has been concluding and we have optimized everything possible so we can assemble the first batch as quickly as possible, since we know you are all eager to receive the products. We too are eager to send them!

We expect assembly to take roughly 10 days and after this we’ll be able to ship the products out for all of you who pre-ordered the product.

Product Testing

We have spent a lot of time testing with the new components and plastics to ensure the product still lives up to the two most crucial features we presented on Kickstarter: You should not burn your hands from a slight touch and you should have warm hands at all times when playing or working at your desktop computer.

We can conclude that both features have been met. We did a 14 hour test and the product never got so hot that it was untouchable and the hands were warm all the time, even considering the very cold weather outside.

Expected Shipping

To ensure shipping goes smoothly we have partnered up with the leading Danish shipping company, so we’ll make sure the service you get will be great as well as the time from shipment to you actually receiving the products will be as short as possible.

We currently expect to deliver by the end of February, which gives us 14 days to finish and receive the injection molds and 10 days to finish the assembly and then 14 days to finalize the shipments and send them out to you. We see this as a very realistic timeline including some buffers in the different steps.

We are thankful for your patience and we seriously cannot wait to ship these really “cool” products out to you.

Best wishes,

Mads & Emil from Envavo

December update

It’s time for another update on our production, and this time we have some cool pictures for you as well.

During the weekend we visited ESL Pro League Finals in Odense, where we got to meet some special people and showcase our product which was great fun. We got a lot of nice feedback and people seemed to love the product.

When walking around with the boxes in our new packaging people were really turning heads to see what this new ‘cool’ product was about!

Visiting Our Danish Production Partner

When we visited about a month ago this was what the hall where our products will be built it looked like this

Now a month later it looks like this

We have received almost everything except for a few things that were delayed due to the large demand for shipping before Christmas. The main thing we still need to receive is the plastic molds itself. We experienced a large unexpected delay on these as the housing tools were a lot harder to manufacture than expected from our tooling supplier.

We expect to receive these within 15-20 days from now. We expect to receive the grills on the 14th of December, which is the last component needed before we can start manufacturing (other than the plastic molds).

Once we have the plastic molds in Denmark we can manufacture all plastics needed in just 1 day so we’re not going to wait for that at least 🙂

Some cool pictures

Many have requested pictures of the Envavo Heatbuff in red and it’s not a surprise that most people ordered this color, so below are some pictures of the Envavo Heatbuff with crimson red LEDs


(the green light you can see in the right house is from the RGB mousepad on the right)

Expected delivery time

Due to the delay from our plastics manufacturer, we will have to work hard in the time between Christmas and new year’s. This means that we currently expect to be able to start sending out in early / mid January.

We thank you for the understanding and continuous support – production is a hard beast to master but we are so close to the final result!

Thanks for your time, and have a great Christmas!

Mads & Emil,

Raynaud’s Syndrome and Cold Hands

Raynaud’s Syndrome and Cold Hands

Raynaud’s Syndrome is a medical condition that causes cold hands due to reduced blood flow to the area. The blood vessels retract, and this causes the sensation of cold hands. This can be painful, cause low dexterity and make it nearly impossible to work at a desktop computer. While uncomfortable, the outbursts are not dangerous and will not cause any other issues. As time progresses, one will most likely feel a slight worsening of the symptoms. It is currently not known how to prevent this condition.

We have spoken to many people who suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome that have experienced cold hands because of the condition. Many of these people use gloves at their workspace, which obviously makes it a hassle to use a desktop computer. They have searched for an alternative that enables them to work normally and not require the use gloves at work.

Raynaud’s Syndrome can cause white fingers and cold hands.
Raynaud's Syndrome

Symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome

  • During cold and moist weather, your fingers will be cold.
  • After some time, they might turn white.
  • Your fingers might feel “dead” or stiff.
  • Typically, it is not all fingers, but only some fingers that are affected.
  • During the rewarming process of your fingers, they might feel prickly. They will take on a blue hue and sometimes will feel slightly painful.
  • Between the outbursts of Raynaud’s Syndrome, you will not experience any symptoms.

Primary Raynaud’s Syndrome and Secondary Raynaud’s Syndrome

The most common version of Raynaud’s Syndrome is the primary one. It can often be very mild, and sometimes even go unnoticed by the affected person. Sometimes it even resolves itself on its own.

Secondary Raynaud’s Syndrome is less common and is usually a side effect of a larger condition. This version of Raynaud’s Syndrome tends to be more serious. The symptoms of secondary Raynaud’s Syndrome often occur later in life than those of primary Raynaud’s Syndrome – typically starting around age 40.

How to Manage Raynaud’s Syndrome

  • Keep warm. It is beneficial if your hands and feet are warmed up, but it is also helpful to keep the rest of your body warm.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes, as this might aggravate the condition.
  • Use moisturizing cream on dry hands.

One of the easiest ways to keep your hands warm while working, where you need full mobility in your hands, is to use the Envavo Heatbuff. Our product uses infrared waves that naturally increase the blood flow and therefore help with the symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome. We have tested the product on people with both Arthritis and Raynaud’s Syndrome and we have seen great results with satisfied customers. This is extremely important to us, as we have seen and heard how much of a difference our product makes for them.

We believe that the Envavo Heatbuff can make a huge difference in many people’s lives. If you have any questions whatsoever about our product or anything related to it, we encourage you to contact us. Please note that we are not physicians or licensed medical specialists and therefore cannot provide medical advice.

5 Reasons You Get Cold Fingers

5 Reasons You Get Cold Fingers

One of the most common reasons that one can get cold fingers is that they have circulation problems. These problems occur when your heart can’t pump out blood efficiently, which is then experienced as the sensation of coldness, numbness or tingling in your fingers as they are the furthest from your heart.

Raynaud’s Syndrome is also a common cause of cold fingers, as it is a condition which narrows the blood vessels in the fingers and is triggered by cold or stress. In extreme cases, the fingers will turn completely white as there is no blood flowing. After this, they will turn blue while little to no blood flows until they turn back to red as the blood vessels open and the blood returns to the fingers.

Adrenaline can trigger cold fingers as well. With the way our bodies are built, adrenaline forces blood to flow towards the larger muscle groups like our legs, as it was a way of ensuring survival during our more primitive stages of evolution. If you are a gamer, stressful situations or making great plays can trigger adrenaline in your body, which can then cause you to get cold fingers.

Certain medication, as crazy as it may sound, could also be causing you to get cold fingers. Many medications constricts the blood vessels, particularly in your arteries. This can also be related to Reynaud’s Syndrome, as the condition is one of the side-effects of some medications. Some of these medications include beta-blockers, which are commonly prescribed to regulate blood pressure.

Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict, while it also causes plaque buildup in the arteries, which further reduces blood flow to the extremities. This can cause cold fingers, just like those in the cases of those induced by medication.

Our solution for desktop PC users who suffer from cold fingers is the Envavo Heatbuff. Through its compact and intelligent design, you are able to heat up your hands through infrared waves, which also helps to invigorate the natural blood flow. The infrared waves cause the blood vessels to expand, so your heart is able to flow blood to your cold fingers and regain their warmth.