Envavo Heatbuff

No more cold hands while working!

Comfort beyond anything you've tried before.

Prevent mouse injuries and chronic pain.

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See why office workers love the Envavo Heatbuff!


"The Envavo Heatbuff gently warms your hands without melting your keyboard"


"The Envavo Heatbuff - a revolutionary infrared heater"


"A comforting warmth that's basically an invisible hug for your hands"


Warm hands. Always.

Suffering from cold hands while working?

Air conditioned offices are nice, but often lead to cold hands. So far, you have had to choose between fresh air, and warm hands, but now you can have both.

The Envavo Heatbuff uses natural infrared waves, which improves the blood flow in your hands to keep them warm.

Warm hands. Always.

Envavo Heatbuff warms your hands to a perfect 33°C almost twice as fast!

What do fellow office workers say?

The Envavo Heatbuff came in today. I have it on for 5 minutes and it's already doing its work for the discomfort in my hands. The cold and humid weather goes bone deep and I feel it ebbing away. Perfect for chronic pain.

Tessa Hastjarjanto

I love this product so much. I have suffered from cold hands all my life and this is the only product of the 100s I have tried that actually works.

Bill Young

Great quality product, that really helps to keep my hands warm. All in all a premium product, from the packaging to the Heatbuff itself. 10/10!

Jimmi Hasselgaard Larsen

Prevent mouse injuries, Improve comfort. A good investment.

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Comfortable to use

Completely eliminates discomfort when working

Safe to use

Warms your hands - not your keyboard

Cheap to use

90-95% cheaper to use than traditional heaters

Expensive? Do the math

Compare Envavo Heatbuff with alternatives

Envavo Heatbuff
179 USD

80 Watt

Standard heater
30 USD

2000 Watt

Cost after 1 year

Heater179 USD30 USD
Power15 USD370 USD
Total250 USDEnvavo Heatbuff400 USDStandard

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More about the awesome features

Customizable Angles

Heating both hands

We made sure both your mouse hand and your keyboard hand are warm during work.

Not just when you're holding a cup of coffee.

Increased Comfort

Fewer mouse injuries

When you don't have to think about your hands being cold, you can focus 100% on your work. Additionally, warm hands are less prone to suffering injuries.

That's a good investment

Quality components

Keep on working!

Our infrared bulbs are rated at 5.000 hrs (industry standard), and we have carefully selected the best manufacturers to ensure a long lifetime.

That's many years of work!

Prevents mouse injuries

Infrared waves and comfortable warmth will reduce the risk of getting mouse injuries.


Completely silent during use.

Made in Denmark

Designed and manufactured for a long lifetime.

Our story

Started in a basement

The idea for the Envavo Heatbuff came during a gaming session a cold winter night in Emil's basement in Denmark

During our development of the Envavo Heatbuff we quickly realized that this product was not meant only for gamers. Many office workers and people with Arthritis or Raynaud's contacted us to test the product.

This motivated us further to develop the product specifically for this purpose as well.

Perfect for cold hands due to Raynaud's or Arthritis

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