Fastest Payout Online Casinos in Canada

This article reveals the top 5 fastest paying online casinos in Canada, and why it’s important with fast payouts.

Fast payouts are essential to many online casino players. Players want their winnings paid out promptly, and the top casinos on the market offer quick payouts to their players.

Fast payout times can determine which sites are worth playing at. Sites that take too long to cash out will not attract players if they aren’t getting paid in a reasonable amount of time.

This article provides a list of the fastest paying online casinos in Canada and information on how to receive payouts from those sites quickly.

Below the list, we detail why fast payouts are essential and which payment gateways you should use.

Top 5 Fastest Payout Online Casinos

We sent a secret shopper to over 50 online casinos in Canada to narrow down the fastest payout online casinos in Canada. We narrowed the list down to 5 online casinos, allowing you to save time looking for the fastest ones.

  1. Casino Cruise
  2. Genesis Casino
  3. Vegas Hero
  4. Sloty Casino
  5. Casino Gods

1. Casino Cruise (Instant)

The first online casino on our list is Casino Cruise. This online casino has one of the fastest payout times for its players in the country. Their speed comes from their use of dedicated servers, which are industry-leading in payout speeds.

Casino Cruise also offers payment gateways that allow instant withdrawal from their online casino. They accept several currencies, but if you want to get paid fast, it’s recommended that you deposit in CAD.

2. Genesis Casino (Instant)

Genesis Casino has an excellent reputation in the online casino industry, and it’s easy to see why. They use some of the best hardware on the market, ensuring their players get quickly paid their winnings.

Genesis Casino offers instant withdrawals, which are great for players who want their winnings paid out quickly. They also accept several currencies, letting you get paid in your currency of choice.

Getting paid fast with Genesis Casino is simple because they accept some of the best payment gateways on the market today. The recommended way to get paid quickly from this online casino is to use NETELLER or Skrill.

3. Vegas Hero (Instant)

As online casinos grow in popularity, more players are looking for quick payout times. The good news is that reputable online casinos out there offer instant withdrawals to their players.

One of the best examples of this is Vegas Hero casino. This online casino has implemented some of the industry’s best hardware into its system to ensure they payout quickly.

Vegas Hero also accepts many currencies and offers fast withdrawal speeds, allowing players to get their money promptly. If you want quick payouts from this online casino, you can use NETELLER or Skrill for instant withdrawals.

4. Sloty Casino (Instant)

Sloty Casino has been in business for a while, and the site has been growing in popularity with each passing year. This is due to the quick payouts that players get for winning in their online casinos.

Sloty Casino offers instant withdrawals, which means you’ll be paid what’s owed to you quickly, without having to wait around for your money. The speediness of Sloty Casino comes from a mix of a dedicated server and good payment gateways. Players who want to get paid quickly from this online casino can use an eWallet.

5. Casino Gods (Instant)

Casino Gods is last on our list of online casinos that offer instant withdrawals. This online casino has one of the most advanced infrastructures in the industry, giving players a chance to get paid their winnings as quickly as possible.

Casino Gods also offer several payment gateways for its players to receive their money from the site. The best way to get paid quickly from the online casino is via credit card or eWallet.

eWallets vs. Credit Cards: Which One Is Fastest?

eWallets such as Apple Pay and Skrill are among the best ways to get your money from online casinos. This is because they process withdrawals instantly, allowing you to get paid faster than any other option available.

The only downside to eWallets is that not all online casinos accept them, and even if they do, it might be a case of the casino only accepting certain eWallets. The other option is using a credit card that some online casinos accept.

Credit cards offer instant withdrawals from some but not all online casinos. Even if you can use one on an online casino, it’s usually a case of getting paid through your standard credit card provider. This means that the money usually takes a few days to withdraw because it’s being processed through traditional payment channels.

This makes eWallets one of the best ways to get paid from an online casino, with instant withdrawals being offered by many sites that accept them.

Why Fast Payouts Are Important In Gambling

Fast payouts are important because they prevent players from getting frustrated at online casinos. If you can’t get your money quickly, it’s easy to feel cheated and move on to other places to gamble.

There are other reasons why fast payouts are essential for online gambling sites, which include:

  • Preventing players from leaving the site – If players don’t get their money when they want it, they will move on to other places. This applies particularly to high rollers who need fast payouts because waiting for their winnings can cause them to make more bets elsewhere.
  • Improving player experience – Players want instant results, and unless online casinos offer the speeds they expect, players won’t continue playing on that site. This means the online casinos risk losing a lot of money if they don’t offer quick payouts to players.
  • Offering a sign of security – Players always feel comfortable when using an online casino with fast withdrawals. It shows that the sites have their customers in mind and want them to have a positive experience.

Why Payment Security Is Important In Gambling

Security is important in online gambling because it will determine whether people play at a given site. If an online casino offers no protection, players will move on to other places, resulting in many players losing their money and the site itself making less revenue than they could have made.

SSL encryption is essential in online casinos because it will help prevent the flow of information between the site and its players. This means that even if any data packets are intercepted in transit, they won’t be able to get into the hands of hackers, who would then have access to player details.

SSL certificates also make it more difficult for hackers to create phishing sites that copy the actual online casinos. Offering a unique SSL certificate can prevent this from happening since players will know they are at the right site when they see HTTPS:// in front of the URL.

What Are Processing Times?

Processing times are how long it takes for online casinos to pay players after they make a withdrawal. Some of the first withdrawals will be paid within minutes because this is the quickest way to get the first people paid.

After that, processing time can be anywhere from one hour to 48 hours, depending on the payment method and how busy the casino is.

Some sites offer instant processing times for people who use eWallets like Skrill and NETELLER, but even with these online casinos, there can be delays depending on how busy the site is at the time of withdrawal. While a one-hour payment timeframe might seem fast, it can seem torturously slow compared to eWallet options.

One of the essential things about processing times is that a casino can’t just pay a player whenever it feels like it. This means that online casinos have to process withdrawals when requested, with high-priority payouts being paid first and low-priority ones being paid last.

Maximum Withdrawal Limits With Fast Payouts

Even if online casinos offer fast payouts, there are still limits on how much money can be withdrawn at any given time. This is because the C$5000 limit must be considered when making many withdrawals, which could lead to many transactions and slow down the payout process even more than it would otherwise.

FAQ – Fastest Payout Online Casinos

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