Eleague major Quarterfinals

Faze v Mouz Beginning the first quarterfinal with Faze taking on Mouz it promises to be some great games. Faze got off to a great start getting the usual 3 rounds with Mouz using their first gun round right and takes two consecutive rounds. Both teams are looking strong, faze takes another round which mouz follows up with two more tieing it out 4-4. Quickly Mouz took a leap ahead getting 3 rounds in a row only letting Faze have 2 rounds before Mouz closes out the first half 9-6. Faze copy and pasted their success into the second half … Read more

Reaction Time For Gamers: The Ultimate Guide

reaction time by envavo heatbuff

Your Reaction Time plays a huge role in any esports. You know how it feels… You’re facing your opponent in an AWP 1 vs. 1 showdown. He clicks 0.0042 seconds faster than you, and BOOM. You’re dead. If only you were just a tiny bit faster, you would have had him! You had him right there. Right on the crosshair – 100%, no doubt about it (right?!). Now.. we’re going to talk about reaction time in gaming. As stated, it’s one of the most important factors for success in esports. We’re going to give you all of our best tips on how … Read more

Eleague Major Boston – Day 3

Eleague Major Boston day 3

As the weekend comes to an end the cs scene continues to bloom as the qualifiers are underway in Boston. Today we saw close games, one-sided games and the first overtime between G2 and Vega Squadron. Quantum Bellator Fire v Faze – 6-16 – Mirage  The first half saw aggressive plays from QBF as they took the first 3 rounds. Faze were quick to gather their forces and managed to secure the first rifle round and successfully translated that to a 6 round win streak, putting the pressure on QBF. However, QBF managed to pull one out of the hat … Read more

Eleague Major Boston – day 1

Vega squadron v Renegades – 16-14 – Mirage The game starts out with Vega taking the first two rounds but then quickly are set back by Renegades in an early gun round making it 2-1. As the game progresses Vega manages to secure a solid lead taking halftime at 10-5. Vega keeps up the pace with “mir” doing some heavy lifting for the team running over Renegades and making it a 15-9. Vega starts to choke giving Renegades too much room which allows for a 15-14 comeback from the Aussies. *Nifty shows a lot of patience and great reactions with … Read more

Esports Championship Series: ECS – Finals

Astralis vs Mousesport  16-12 – Train The last day of ECS kicked off with Astralis vs Mousesport. Astralis goes into the first game on Train picked by Mousesport. The Danes found themselves losing the first gun round, followed up by 3 consecutive rounds into the Mouse show and astralis manages to pick up a round. From here they snowballed and managed to amass a total of 7 rounds in a row. Check out one of the highlights here Mousesport would then go on to dominate the second part of the game, with “suNny” clutching a 1v2 closing Train 16-12 in … Read more

Esports Championship Series: ECS day 1

ecs day 1 mexico band

Last night, in the warm city of Cancun, Mexico, ECS has brought us an incredible show introducing the event with local music and songs. The teams, casters and guests are all staying at the Hard Rock Hotel which is situated right beside the ocean. Fnatic vs LG: 16-11 – Cobblestone The first game features Fnatic taking on LG again after beating them last time on Cobblestone. After the veto, the map turns out to be Cobble again, Giving LG a chance at redemption, and an opportunity to show how much they have improved since ESL Odense where they performed well … Read more

SK vs. FaZe – ESL Pro League Odense – Grand Finals

The extremely anticipated Grand Final between SK and FaZe, the current rank #1 and #2 in the world, is played in Odense, Denmark. FaZe Clan comes into the game with a lot of pressure, but so does SK Gaming. Both teams has many fans across the world, but as Karrigan is Danish, I believe most people in the crowd in Odense, Denmark, will cheer for him and FaZe Clan. SK Gaming on the other hand has a great history with many huge victories during the last 2-3 years. That spiced with Fallen’s incredible personality, it’s hard to tell who will … Read more

ESL Pro League Finals Odense – Day Three

Esl Pro League Odense

We’re unfortunately not at the ESL Pro League Finals in Odense, Denmark – even though it would be amazing, we simply wasn’t able to make it there. We have a great friend who’s there providing us with some pictures from the event! Day one included amazing matches: fnatic VS OpTic Gaming, and Hellraisers VS Misfits. Hellraisers VS Misfits This is an interesting match between two teams, who have shown a great performance so far in the tournament. Hellraisers are currently ranked #9 in the world, and is impressive that they went all the way to ESL Pro League Finals in Odense. … Read more

Is esport a real sport?

is esport a real sport

We have just visited Copenhagen, where we pitched our company idea to some big people, in hopes of being able to take Envavo to the next level. On the way to Copenhagen, we met a physical education class. They loved sports – football, handball, tennis, volleyball and what have you. But we then asked them a simple question: Is esports a real sport? I think we strongly disagreed on this, and it’s an interesting topic because it deals with the concept of what is a sport really? Is it the physical activity or is it everything around it, that makes … Read more