Premium Product Innovation

Making you perform better through continious comfort using infrared waves.

Product Innovation

We strive to improve desktop environments at offices and homes, through continuous innovation. And we love that!

Premium Danish Quality

Our products are designed and manufactured in Denmark of premium quality components carefully chosen by our team.

Community Based Development

We are proud to be transparent in our development. We believe this benefits the quality and functionality of our products, for the end users.


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About Us

We are a Danish company designing and manufacturing products to help office workers and gamers improve comfort and performance. 

We believe in innovating industries for the benefit of the end-users. We do this by continuously designing products in close contact with our community consistning of office workers, people with Arthritis and gamers.

Mads Sørensen

Mads is responsible for our administration, esports endavours and business development.

Emil Frølund

Emil is responsible for our marketing, web development, PR and sales. 

Martin Majdall

Martin is responsible for our technological development.


We're proud to be part of the prestigious Innofounder program, which allows us to work full-time on our current project "The Heatbuff". Emil and Mads are graduates from Business Acadamy Aarhus, a great place for entrepreneurs. We're also receivers of two Micro Grants from Foundation of Entrepreneurship as well as an Innobooster from the Danish Innovation Foundation, run by the Danish Government.

Be Comfortable & Perform Better